Long-Term Effects Of Flooding Or Leaky Pipes Without Water Damage Restoration

If you have ever experienced a flood or a pipe break, you know that time is not on your side when it comes to water damage mitigation. Have you ever thought about the long-term effects of damages without hiring a company for water damage restoration services? Here is how a simple water leak or flood can turn into massive problems when they are not fixed quickly after they occur in homes.

How To Spot Water Damage Inside Your Home

Water damage can occur in any area of a home and from several causes. It is most likely to occur in areas that are wet, damp, or have high moisture levels. Some causes are difficult to see, such as below cabinets, behind appliances, or under flooring.  Flooding, heavy soil saturation, and blocked or improperly installed drainage systems are also possible causes of water damage in any home.

  • Look for standing water, rising damp on walls, or rings on ceilings as these are signs of leaky pipes or roof damage allowing water to seep inside.
  • Look under cabinets near sinks and water fixtures for staining, warping, or mold as water pipes are notorious for small leaks that go undetected.
  • Look at wood flooring for signs of softening, swelling, cracking, or warping. Usually, areas near kitchens, bathrooms, or appliances are susceptible to this type of water damage.
  • Look in the basement, crawl spaces, and attic floors and walls as these are areas where water will seep into through porous basement walls and flooring or the roof or chimney.

How To Spot Water Damage On The Exterior Of Your Home

As a home has an exterior water drainage system and soil type can affect saturation levels, you should also look for signs of water damage on the outside of your room. Here are a few things to look at.

  • Inspect your home’s exterior foundation for cracks, crumbling, bubbling, or discoloration.
  • Improper ground sloping can also cause heavy soil saturation during flash floods or rapid snowmelt. If the ground is sloping toward your home, you’ll need to have this corrected.
  • Water is going to find the most resistant route, so maintain the water drainage system, including cleaning the gutters seasonally, so that rainwater follows the correct pathway.
  • Avoid positioning sprinkles near your home as the water may hit the home or the soil and infiltrate the interior of the home through lower-level permeable building material.
  • Look at the rooftop for missing shingles, fractures, or weak spots as water will flow into the attic or higher level of a home and cause serious water and mold damage.

Long-Term Effects of Structural Loss Without Water Damage Restoration

Even with a small amount of water, damage is possible. Long-term, effects of water damage include structural loss, fixture damage, flooring warping, electrical problems, mold growth, and health issues. Water damage restoration has unique steps that take into account every area as well as interior and exterior causes to ensure everything is removed, repaired, replaced, or renovated properly.

Restore Pro has years of experience and certifications to find issues within walls, under floors, beneath crawl spaces, or inside attics or basements.  Most importantly, our water damage restoration and mold remediation business systems only use commercial grade equipment and materials to waterproof a home so that if future floods or pipe breaks occur, building materials won’t be damaged.

When To Call for Water Damage Restoration or Mold Remediation

  • When you notice a lasting musty, moldy odor.
  • If you notice an increase in monthly utility usage and bills, water leaks in the plumbing system may be the cause.
  • Poor ventilation in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room causes water damage or moisture-causing mold.
  • If you notice continuous pooling, rusting, or running water around any appliances that connect to the plumbing system.
  • If you notice damage on walls, home goods made wood or fabrics, or appliances have wet spots, unexplained dark stains, or cracks and flakes.

To learn more about water damage restoration services from Restore Pro, call our office at 1-800-847-0114 or visit us at https://www.facebook.com/RestorePro911/. We are available 24/7/365 for flooding damage, so you can call us any time day or night. You can also send us a direct message on Facebook where we will answer questions, schedule services, or provide a thorough estimate.