Most people think that landscaping is about making your home look good. You hear terms like “curb appeal” and assume that’s the whole point of landscaping. At Restore Pro, we know that it can mean a whole lot more.

Many of our customers come to us with water damage that could have been prevented with some simple landscaping. Basement flooding can be costly and lead to further problems like mold. Can making some basic changes help protect your home?

What is Grading?
One of the most important factors that can prevent water from entering your basement is good grading. The term grading simply means the different elevations of land on your property. Hills and slopes direct the flow of water. Good grading practices direct water away from your foundation and into a safe drainage path.

Where Should Water Be Directed?
The ideal solution depends on how your home is situated. The goal is to keep ground water a safe distance from your home’s foundation. If the house is located at the top of a hill, water will naturally flow away. In a split-drainage situation, water in the front of the home flows towards the road and sewer system. In the rear of the home, water flows towards a drainage ditch. In a rear-to-front lot, water drains from the back of the yard towards the street frontage. A qualified landscaper can design a system of slopes, walls, French drains, and plants to help direct the flow of water so it wraps around the home and avoids the foundation.

Is Your Home at Risk?
New construction is generally required to have positive lot grading. However, many older homes did not have the same requirements when built. Even if the grading was sufficient originally, erosion and earth settling can lead to changes over time. New additions to the building and construction on nearby lots can also lead to changes. If you have had basement flooding in the past, then you could easily experience another episode. Even if you have never had a problem, you might not be safe. It’s a good idea to have a landscaper come out to evaluate your property.

Is Water in the Basement THAT Big of a Deal?
Some people might not be too concerned about water in the basement, especially if it is an unfinished space. They feel that concrete floors and cinder block walls aren’t going to be harmed by the water so it isn’t important. While these basements may not face the same risks as a finished space, you still want to keep it dry. In addition to damaging your possessions, if water isn’t draining safely away it can damage your foundation and lead to serious issues such as mold.

For over two decades, Restore Pro has been helping home and business owners here in the Massachusetts area. We have seen many people in our community suffer both financial losses and even health problems because of water damage. While we are always here to help you with your water damage restoration needs, we hope that you can avoid needing our services. An experienced landscaper and grading company can help you to make a few changes now to reduce your chances of facing a disaster later. However, if you do find water in your basement, experience a fire, or discover mold, call us at 1-800-847-0114. We are here 24 hours a day to help bring your home back to pre-flood condition as quickly as possible.  Visit our facebook page at for more information about our Water Restoration Services.