Kitchen and Bath Warning Signs

Your Massachusetts or New Hampshire home may already be sinking in the quagmire of water damage and you may not be aware until it is too late. At RestorePro we want you to be able to recognize the warning signs that your kitchen or bathrooms may be telling you about so you can act on any water damage before it gets worse. You should watch out for the following warning signs:

In The Kitchen

  1. Under the kitchen sink: check under the sink on a regular basis. Look for any sign of water drips or wet spots on the floor of the cabinet. Any water at all could indicate a problem with the sink drain, disposal, or the faucet water connections.
  2. Under the dishwasher: finding water in this are could be an indication of several factors. The water supply line or supply line connection may be leaking. The drain in the dishwasher itself could be clogged. The water supply could have a small hole in it.
  3. Behind the refrigerator: the most common problem here involves your icemaker. The water supply line could be leaking either at the wall connection or where it connects to the refrigerator. The problem could also be a defective icemaker unit installed in the refrigerator itself. Some refrigerators have a drain pan under them to catch any moisture that leaks for any reason. If you refrigerator has one of these, check it often to see if it is full or collecting unusual amounts of water.
  4. Around the kitchen sink: check to see that all caulking or seals are not loose or have gaps. Water will go where it can and if the seal is not complete, water may leak between the sink and the countertop.

In The Bathroom

  1. Floors and Floor Coverings: inspect all areas of the bathroom floor for discoloration. Particular areas of concern will be around the toilet, next to or in front of the vanity, or at either end of the bathtub. If any discoloration is seen, there is a strong possibility of a water problem.
  2. Under bathroom vanities or sinks: look for any signs of water drips or wet spots on vanity floors.
  3. Dripping faucets: tiny drips and leaks rarely reseal themselves, they usually get progressively worse.
  4. Exhaust fans: the blades may be covered with a heavy coating of dust this is usually a sign of an excess amount of humidity. Our suggestion is to leave the exhaust fan run for at least 1/2 hour after taking a bath or shower. This will allow the fan to do the job that it was installed for in the first place, to remove excess humidity from the room after a shower or bath.

If you see any of these signs, water damage may already be occurring. You need to take action to prevent further damage or possibly even more expensive mold infestation. At RestorePro we are here to help and our initial inspection is at no charge and no obligation. Call us at 1-800-847-0114 and within the hour we will have a qualified water damage specialist at your door. For lasting value, quality workmanship, creative solutions and your unparalleled satisfaction, you only need RestorePro. Proudly serving Massachusetts and New Hampshire homeowners for more than 22 years.