Fire damage restoration companies are a part of first responders as fire marshalls can’t leave a property until it has been properly secured.  It is one of the most critical reasons why Restore Pro is on call 24/7/365 to answer emergency calls. It’s also an important job to preserve commercial or residential property and possessions. The aftereffects of fire damage can be widespread and expensive if time is lost. Here are primary issues that affect the cost of fire damage restoration.

  1. Lack Of Home Or Business Safety Measures

Owning a home or a business comes with many responsibilities. Maintenance and prevention are essential elements that can decrease your expenses after a fire.  Without the following safety essentials, it will increase your fire damage restoration needs.

  • Maintain and regularly inspect your home or workplace. Remove all clutter.
  • Train employees or family members to report hazardous situations quickly.
  • Never leave cooking food unattended. Keep the appliances clean as well.
  • Never smoke in areas with combustible materials.
  • Have fire safety and emergency protocols in place, including must-do actions.
  • Ensure fire exit routes are established and marked in each workspace.
  • Post emergency response, insurance carrier, and Restore Pro contact numbers.
  • Install fire alarms and fire extinguishers. Train occupants on proper usage.
  • Inspect and test fire safety equipment seasonally. Replace the batteries as well.
  • Practice fire response drills to save occupant lives and reduce fire damage.
  1. Extent Of Fire Damage

Here are a few fire damage statistics that a home or business owner should know:

The average size of a house in 2020 is about 2,685 square feet. Families have less than three minutes to get out of a burning home.

  • The average size of a business in 2020 is about 19,000 square feet.

The average business has between 20 and 25 employees at work.

  • It takes just three to six minutes for a structure to completely burn down.

The average time for a fire department to respond is 5 minutes and 20 seconds.

These are critical factors that affect the extent of fire damage. As a fire rages, it increases the likelihood of loss of life and residential or commercial fire damage restoration need.

  1. Length Of Time Between A Fire And Restoration

Are you wondering why time is a factor for fire damage restoration? Not only does fire destroy a structure but so too does the process used to extinguish it. There are also factors like smoke, soot, and corrosion that further cause structural damage and decay.

The longer the fire damage is present, the worse off it will become when it is left unattended. The presence of moisture will also cause mold to grow within one to two days. The longer it cultivates, the more likely added mold remediation will be needed.

  1. The Presence Of Hazardous Materials

Fires caused by grease, chemicals, flammable gases, or other hazardous materials will lead to greater damages because of the potential for spreading the flames or causing an explosion. It will also hinder the fire department’s actions in putting the fire out fast.

  1. Water Damage

Whether you have fire sprinklers, the pipes break, or the fire department uses a water source to extinguish a fire, structural water damage is likely to occur. It will increase the cost of fire damage restoration if water damage restoration is also mandatory.

As a trusted source for emergency fire damage restoration, Restore Pro is on call for any type of disaster. We also have the staff and expertise to handle any type or size of fire damage. To learn more about Restore Pro’s top-rated fire damage restoration services, call our office when needed at 1-800-847-0114 or visit our Facebook page at