Is Sewage Cleanup Even Possible?

There was a funny smell in the air while you were cleaning up the kitchen after dinner last night. When you were showering this morning, the water was draining so slowly it  puddled around your ankles. You flushed the toilet just before you left home and noticed that water bubbled up in the bathroom sink. Oh well, it’s off to work for you.

Nine hours later you return home and gag at the stench that greets you.  The sewer has backed up through your basement floor drain. Sewage has spread across your laundry room and into the furnished area of the finished basement. Drains rarely flow backwards but if there is a clog or break in the sewer line drains can turn into pumps. Plug tight every drain in the house including the toilet bowl and then call us at RestorePro.

RestorePro Answers Sewage Cleanup Calls 24/7

It’s after 6:00 p.m. on Friday. What are the chances you can reach anybody? You will probably have to wait an hour for a call back from Streets and Sanitation but RestorePro will be available to take your call for a clean up. Your city’s department of Streets and Sanitation will check down the manhole to discover the cause of your backup and begin emergency repairs.

If the cause is in the main line, the city pays. If the cause is between your house and the main, you pay for repairs. You may have to hire your own plumber to make the emergency repairs. Some cities will proceed with the repairs and bill you. Hopefully the repair will be simple. Meanwhile, our RestorePro team is there to begin the clean up.

Is Sewage Cleanup Even Possible?

Yes! RestorePro technicians have training and equipment to put your home back to pre-sewage backup condition.

  • Unfortunately, anything that has absorbed the sewage water has to be disposed of in an environmentally sanitary manner. That includes carpets, upholstered furniture, books and bedding.
  • We can extract the sewage and anything else that came with it. We really can get it all because we are working only on hard surfaces now like concrete, tiles or hardwood. When we finish with the extraction, we can disinfect those surfaces.
  • We then bring in air movers and dehumidifiers to dry out the area so mold doesn’t grow.

What Causes Sewer Backups that Necessitate Sewage Cleanup?

The cause of sewer backup is often deteriorating lines in old neighborhoods that allows dirt to seep in and block the drain.  Tree roots can cause the blockage as well. The most infuriating cause is vandalism to manholes. It is important to use common sense just as you do with your in-house drains and not stuff things down the toilet that sewer lines cannot handle.

Final Thoughts on Sewage Cleanup

If you are unfortunate enough to experience a sewer backup remove yourself and your family from the vicinity because raw sewage is a serious threat to health and even life.

  • Sewer backups can be costly if the blockage or break is between your house and the main. Repairs can be extensive and costly. You also have the expense of a professional cleanup and sanitation so your home is environmentally safe again. Any furnishings are a loss.
  • There was a time when your homeowner’s insurance policy covered these losses. Then you had to add it as a rider to the main policy and now it is a separate policy. Adding that policy is a good idea.
  • Sewer backups are unpleasant but the good news is RestorePro is totally equipped to handle the clean up and put your house to rights again. Call RestorePro if you experience a sewer backup and you can know with confidence that our team will eradicate every trace of disease carrying sewage.

Call RestorePro at 781- 664-9800 for residents of Massachusetts and 603-253-2068 for those in New Hampshire.