Is It Safe To Sleep In A House Before Fire Damage Restoration Occurs?

Housefires are hazardous, more so when occupants are exposed to its aftereffects. Even if you have made an appointment for fire damage restoration, smoke pollution and can be harmful even when there is a small contained fire. Odors can also lead to breathing problems as soot is in the air.  Here’s why it is not safe to sleep in a house before fire damage restoration takes place.

Health Issues From Smoke & Fire Damage

Fire burns a home and its contents, which produces soot. When a person inhales these particles, it can lead to problems with the airway and lungs. Fires also produce carbon monoxide that reduces oxygen in a person’s bloodstream. This reduces the oxygen level in the body and keeps it from reaching the body’s organs. Here are a few health issues that fires cause to humans.

  • Respiratory Problems

Smoke and soot can embed on any possessions in a home. The particles are so small that it is easy to inhale them. When a person is exposed to smoke toxins, it can cause breathing issues. It can also affect a person’s lungs and cause serious sinus irritation.

  • Eye, Nose, & Throat Irritation

If you have ever experienced a runny nose, a burning throat, or red, itchy, watery eyes, you know how fire exposure can affect the eyes, nose, and throat. If unaddressed after a fire, the body will continue to show signs of irritation and will only get worse over time.

  • Skin Irritation

Smoke and soot can lay unseen on furniture, curtains, and carpets, which makes them easy to cause skin irritation. That is why fire damage restoration is imperative to remove any remnants of a fire from anything in a household that has had contact with the flames.

What To Do After A Fire

The most important step after a fire is to ensure everyone is safe. Once you call the fire department and the fire is extinguished, you’ll need to secure the house to ensure everything is safe and secure. You can then call our office so we can help you with securing the location and preparing it for fire damage restoration. Restore Pro is on call 24/7 to provide any guidance.

It’s important to have your home inspected by a fire damage restoration company before returning to the property. Taking note of soot, water damage, and fire damage allows the professionals to put a plan of action in place that will keep the occupants safe and secure. It’s also likely that there will be fire and soot particles in the air that can cause breathing issues.

What Happens During Fire Damage Restoration?

During fire damage restoration, the first step that occurs is an expert assessment. This allows us to form a plan that includes the rooms affected and the actions needed to restore them. It is also our job to secure the location to ensure that no further fire damage occurs. Our staff then separates the household goods into things that need cleaning and those that should be thrown away. We then repair and renovate the home and restore everything to its original position.

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