Whether you experience smoke odor after a fire or have cigarette smoke permeating in your carpets, it can be a difficult smell to remove. Most especially if you have already tried smoke odor eliminators, it may be time for you to try a different method to eliminate the odor fully. Here is everything you must know about removing cigarette smoke and fire odors from carpets.

Smoke Odor In Carpets Reduce Your Home’s Value

Did you know that real estate agents devalue a home by up to 29% when there is a smoke odor present, and cigarette smoke specifically affects the resale value by 45%?  Moreover, 89% of the real estate participants say that it was much more difficult to sell homes with smoke odors. Even if you are not thinking of selling your home, smoke odors affect the air quality, cleanliness, and the overall health of the occupants which are all really great reasons to remove any carpet odors.

Removing Smoke Odor After Fires

Smoke odor after fires is especially difficult because the smells tend to permeate deep into the carpet fibers. The source of  a house fire also affects smoke removal from your carpets including soot and odors from cooking fires, burning candles, faulty electrical wiring, oil, and cigarette smoking. In addition to the pungent smoke odor, there may be residue from fire extinguishers or water damage that affects smoke odor removal best practices. It is best to call a fire damage expert like Restore Pro since our technicians are trained in commercial carpet cleaning methods and utilize industrial grade equipment that fully cleans and remove all odors from your carpets.

Removing Cigarette Odors

You must first gather a vacuum cleaner, a box of baking soda (or two depending on the size of  your carpet), and any smoke odor eliminators that you prefer. Follow these steps for best results.

  • Mix the smoke odor eliminator to the baking soda several hours before applying it.
  • If not adding an odor eliminator, sprinkle the baking soda evenly on your carpets.
  • The longer you allow it to sit on your carpets, the better they will absorb odors.
  • Vacuum your carpets and repeat this process if you have lingering cigarette odors.
  • If you still experience odors, you will need commercial carpet cleaning services

Do Smoke Damage Odor Neutralizers Work?

Sure, there are lots of smoke damage odor neutralizers on the market such as ozone generators that might help reduce smoke odors, but they do not remove the source which will not eradicate the smells from your carpets completely. People also believe that buying off-the-shelf odor eliminators are more cost-effective than hiring a professional carpet cleaning company. Not only will an industrial carpet cleaning remove the smoke odors, but you will also not have to buy expensive products that only temporarily mask the smells. Once your carpets are professionally cleaned, you can then use baking soda between cleaning to neutralize any further carpet odors.

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