How To Recognize the Signs of a Sewage Leak

When your hot water, electricity, or heating fails, you can tell right away, and this can allow you to quickly solve the problem before any greater damages occur. However, with your sewage pipes, this is often not the case. These pipes typically run underground, and inspecting them is no easy prospect. Despite how difficult it can be to tell when a problem does occur, a sewage leak, even underground, can cause significant damage. Fortunately, there are some signs you can look out for that a sewage leak has occurred.

Foul Odors

One of the most obvious signs of a sewage leak is a foul odor. It is possible for the sewage odors to escape, and you may be able to smell them. Most often, this will be possible in the basement. However, you may be able to detect them outdoors as well. A sewage leak may also lead to a musty odor behind walls as moisture buildup allows mold and mildew to thrive.


Unfortunately, if you have a sewage problem, you could easily end up with a pest problem as well. Pests love water and dampness. If you don’t solve the problem, you could end up with flies, silverfish, centipedes, cockroaches, and other pests. A sewage leak could even attract rodents, which are a definite health hazard.

Moist Floors

Sewage pipes run all through your house. So, if you have a sewage leak, it could cause your floors to become damp at practically any point in your house. So, if you happen to notice that your floors are damp or spongy, you might want to do more than just clean up the mess. It would be a good idea to check for a sewage leak. Also, you will need to deal with any water damage to the floor as it could lead to a mold problem.

Changes in Your Lawn

Sewage systems are located beneath a person’s lawn, so one way you might be able to detect a sewage leak is to look at your lawn. It could provide you with some clues that your sewage system is leaking. Sewage can actually work as a fertilizer for your lawn. So, if you have a sewage leak, it might make your lawn look greener. A leak could also cause your lawn to be overly moist, which could cause it to shift. It could also cause indentations in the lawn when you walk on it. So, look out for unusually green patches of lawn or indentations, so you’ll know to check for a sewage leak.

Higher Water Bill

One indirect sign that may indicate you have a sewage leak is a higher water bill. Your water bill probably isn’t the same every month. But, if you’ve noticed a sudden jump in it, this could indicate a problem. Unless you know you’ve been using more water, you may have a sewage leak.

Final Thoughts

Sewage leaks may not always be easy to detect, but this does not mean that they are not extremely dangerous. Sewage leaks, even minor ones, can allow bacteria, mold, and pests to grow and thrive, creating extremely unhealthy conditions for you and your family. Pay attention if any of these signs occur, and don’t be afraid to call in the professionals to quickly treat the damage and restore the health and safety of your home.

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