Flooding from clean water is bad enough, but flooding that is caused by a sewage leak can be particularly damaging and even dangerous. Dealing with a sewage leak can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to. The quicker and more completely a sewage leak is contained and treated, the better the outcome. Only a trained professional restoration company like RestorePro is capable of properly treating property and belongings after a sewage backup.

Causes of a Sewage Backup

Most of the time a sewage backup is caused by a blocked sewer line. While difficult to detect, signs of a sewage backup include water backing up into a nearby plumbing fixture when using a sink, shower, washer, or toilet. Another potential symptom involves backups in multiple drains in your home when you run the water. This is a sign that the drain water is becoming trapped and unable to freely flow down the line. If you are experiencing these problems, it’s best to have your plumbing inspected for clogs to prevent a sewage backup from occurring.

Other causes of sewage backups include:

  • Flooding or continuous heavy rain
  • Damaged pipes
  • Foundational issues
  • Blockage in the main sewer line

Avoiding Sewage Backups

Prevention is the best way to avoid a sewage backup. It’s especially important to pay attention when there is flooding in your area as it’s essential to relieve pressure on your system. If a sewage backup has happened before in your home, consider having a sump pump installed to pump out excess water should flooding reoccur.

Preventative steps include:

  • Seal any cracks in your foundation
  • Never wash cooking oil or grease down your sink drain
  • Never send cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower) down the sink drain
  • Only flush waste and toilet paper down the toilet, and if you have a small child, consider a toilet lock


In the event of flooding in your area, additional preventative measures should be taken to reduce the load on your sewage system:

  • Don’t run your clothes washer until the flooding is over, as this is one of the biggest culprits for water cycling through the system
  • Keep showers under five minutes
  • Only run water down your drains when absolutely necessary, and shut it off the instant you are done
  • Make simple meals using cold ingredients instead of dirtying pots and pans
  • Use disposable dishes, silverware, and cups instead of running your dishwasher
  • Keep toilet flushing to a minimum

A sewage backup, whether it’s caused by a blockage in the lines or a high water table, can be not only damaging to your property but also make you or your family sick via bacteria and parasites. Sewage backups can go from bad to worse quickly so it’s crucial to contain the spill as fast as possible. That’s where the restoration experts at RestorePro can step in. We understand the significant risk that a sewage leak poses to your property and loved ones and treat the situation with the urgency and efficiency it deserves. If you’re in need of sewage cleanup in your home or business, give our company a call to begin the restoration process:

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