How to Prepare Your Home and Keep It Mold Free AFTER Flooding or Water Damage

If a flood has occurred in your home, it is a scary and stressful time. Not only have you lost many of your belongings, you may not even know the status of your home. If severe water damage or flooding occurs and your home is able to be recovered, it is important that you prepare and protect it from any type of old that may begin to grow due to the moisture.

If you think that mold is a problem in your home, you should contact a professional mold remediation company to come out and inspect the area. A professional is able to ensure that ALL mold and spores are completely eradicated from your home.

Okay, let’s go ahead and take a look at how you can start to keep your home mold free.

  1. Remove All Flood Water

You need to make sure that you remove ALL flood water from your home. You cannot let it sit and assume that it will dry up because it will not. It helps to call a professional to come out to your home because they can professionally pump the water out of your house.

  1. Remove All Flooded Carpet

You may be tempted to dry out your carpet to avoid ripping it up, but this can lead to more trouble than you think. Sometimes carpet can appear to be dry on the surface, but it is still wet near the underlayment. When this happens, mold will begin to grow and continue to reproduce causing your air quality to be diminished.

  1. Remove Wet Drywall

Unfortunately, when a flood does happen, the drywall in your home may become wet. If it does, you need to make sure that you remove it from your home. Keeping wet drywall will only create an environment where mold is allowed to develop and grow.

If you only have a section of drywall that needs to be removed, you can cut out the damaged section and simply replace just that portion, but do make sure there is no other water damage throughout the drywall.

Watch for Signs of Mold

Even after you have cleaned up and removed all wet or moldy items from your home, there is still a chance that mold may develop. It is important that you keep your eye out for signs of mold formation.

Sometimes, you may think that you have removed all of the water in your home, but you have not. Some of the signs to look for include spots on your carpet, walls or ceiling, warping of your drywall, drywall that appears to be bowed in, and brown or discolored spots on the ceiling or other areas of your walls.

Contact RestorePro Now for Mold Remediation Services

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