How to Know if You Need a Mold Inspection

Wondering if you might have a mold problem? Here are some of the obvious and not-so-obvious signs that you may need professional mold testing services from RestorePro.

  1. Visual cues. Know what mold looks like. It has many colors, including black, green, gray, red, yellow, and pink. It may look like spots, dust, or fuzz. Some molds look like grains of sand.  By the time it is visible on porous materials like dry wall, than you can almost be sure it has surfaced from behind the wall. Cleaning or painting over won’t get at the root of the problem. Call a professional to advise you on your best steps. RestorePro is on call 24/7 and can schedule your mold inspection when you need it.
  2. Flooding or long-term slow leaks from pipes or faulty appliances. If you have experienced a major flooding event from burst pipes or natural disasters, there’s a good chance mold could get established unless you act very quickly. Even if the event was only a few hours and the water has subsided, it only takes minutes for dry wall, flooring, ceiling tiles and insulation to absorb water. Slow leaks, especially those that remain undetected for a while can be a common cause of mold inside walls. It only takes 72 hours for mold to start growing in soaked porous building materials. If you have had an event like this, call RestorePro 1-800-847-0114 for a mold inspection.
  3. Musty odors. Mold may be present if you detect a tell-tale musty odor. However, every musty smell doesn’t automatically mean you have a mold infestation. If the odors are persistent or increasing in intensity, then you probably should have an expert inspect and test to find the source. RestorePro is IICRC certified in mold remediation.
  4. Health effects. Mold can be the cause of a host of ailments, including respiratory problems, allergic reactions, fatigue and headaches. However, these symptoms also have many other causes. One sign that indoor mold might be the culprit is when symptoms alleviate after spending time outside the building, but then recur within a few hours of returning.

If you suspect you might have mold in your home or building, don’t panic. RestorePro will give you an honest assessment of your site. We will advise you on the extent of the problem and your most economical solution for optimal results.

RestorePro has been a trusted resource for restoration in eastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire since 1997. We are dedicated to the highest industry standards of mold remediation and prevention. RestorePro holds IICRC certified firm in:

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Fire & Smoke Restoration
  • Odor Control
  • Applied Structural Drying
  • Applied Microbial R

If you need mold testing or any other restoration services, call RestorePro 1-800-847-0114. Be sure to check us out on Facebook to find out what our many satisfied clients have to say about us.