When you think of water damage, floods and excessive rain most commonly are associated with the topic.  However, living in the Northeast, you must also be aware of the damage snow and ice can cause resulting in the need for water damage restoration.  We experience heavy snow falls and severe ice storms here in the Northeast, so being prepared and knowing what to look for is essential for maintaining the safety of your property.

At RestorePro, we’ve seen every scenario and have the expertise and knowledge to efficiently extract and remove water from your home.  Water always needs a place to go, and rather than have it drain into your basement and walls, these tips will help you protect your property’s foundation this winter.

  1. Remove snow piles from exterior walls. In the dead of winter, the frozen ground and piles of snow that accumulate around your home might not cause exceptional damage.  However, as the ground and snow thaw, water has the potential to seek cracks and crevices to escape.  Near your home, water may seep up through the foundation as wells as the walls.  This creates a breeding ground for mold and can damage the structural integrity of your home.
  2. Avoid ice jams on your roof. When the snow on your roof melts from the sun’s warm rays, ideally, the runoff is directed properly through your gutter system.  However, as the temperatures drop when the sun sets, the water refreezes.  Eventually, the water may level off and pool where it is warmed from the heated attic air yet blocked by exterior snow and ice.  The water will begin to bleed into interior walls causing extensive damage if not dried correctly.  Many hardware stores carry products that will help you melt an ice jam or a simple nylon filled with ice salt can do the trick.
  3. Be aware of pooling areas around your home. Your yard is designed to pull water away from the foundation, yet occasionally a stubborn pile of snow or area of ice will cause melting run-off to be redirected.  When this happens, water will follow the path of least resistance: most likely, into your home.  Chipping away at ice in your lawn and pushing snow out of the way of the natural slope of the yard will help prevent issues during a cyclic freeze and thaw season.

If you do experience water in your home this winter, give our professionals a call.  We understand the urgency to promptly dry and clean your property in order to prevent mold and further water damage.  Our team of experts will walk you through a restoration plan that will provide you with peace of mind.  We will examine your property and professionally remove unsalvageable items while repairing your damaged area.

To learn more about our water damage restoration services and solutions visit our Facebook page at or call us at 781-664-9800 (MA residents) and 603-253-2068 (NH residents).