How to Avoid Flood Damage in Your House

No home is entirely safe from flooding, even those houses on a hill. However, elevation is the best form of protection from flooding, even if it is not perfect. Also, there are some other things you can do to help prevent flood damage to your house. You’ll want to do whatever you can to protect your home from flooding because even one inch of water in your home can cause considerable damage. Here are some things you can do to help protect your home from flooding.

Consider Location

The best way to keep your home from flooding is to choose a house that is not in an area that is prone to flooding. This is not a helpful tip for those who are not going to be moving. However, for those who will be buying or renting a home in the near future, check out FEMA’s flood map, and try to choose a place in one of the safer areas if you can. The orange zones are the safest. If you do rent or buy a house in an area prone to flooding, consider flood insurance.

Check Your Foundation

Foundations can start to crack over time. Then, as water enters these cracks, they can get bigger and increase the chances your house will flood. But, there is something you can do about this. You can purchase some mortar or masonry caulk and fill in any cracks or gaps you can access in your foundation. Then, keep an eye on your foundation, and if the problem worsens, get professional help.

Use Some Sealant

Sealant can help keep water out of your home. So, it’s a good idea to use it in areas like windows, walls, or doorways. You can also use it to help protect your foundation.

Install Drain Plugs

Although when you think of flooding, you may tend to think more of storms, sewers can flood as well. They can back up and flood your house with sewage causing significant damage. This type of flooding causes not only property damage but potentially diseases as well. So, to help prevent this type of flooding, it is a good idea to have drain plugs installed in the drains in your basement and backflow valves installed.

Maintain Your Yard

It may not be the first thing you think of when you are trying to prevent flooding, but maintaining your yard can help prevent flooding. You need to keep ditches and gutters clear to keep water running away from your house. It’s also essential to keep downspouts and gutters clean as well for the same reason. Be sure to keep an eye on your lawn and don’t let water build up around your home.

Hire a Professional

While you are trying to keep your house from flooding, don’t hesitate to get help if you need it. While you may be able to handle most of the work yourself, you may find you need help with some steps. So, if you do need help, remember it will be worth it to keep your house safe. Flood damage is likely to be far more expensive than paying for some help to prevent it.

Final Thoughts

Flood damage can be devastating to a home, but luckily there are several steps you can take to protect yours from damage. Many of these steps are simple to take and can have many other benefits as well. So make sure to consider performing them before the next storm hits.

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