How Much Does Sewage Cleanup Cost?

If you are one of those people searching online for how much does sewage cleanup cost, you’ll find it difficult to find an exact answer because there are several factors that dictate billing. So, here’s a few important questions to ask about sewage cleanup that affects sewage cost factors.

How Do Sewage Spills Occur?

Sewage spills typically occur because of broken pipes, debris that causes blockages, or exterior pipe issues such as intruding tree root growth. The end result causes sewage backups to occur in sinks, showers, toilets and drains. Often, home or business owners fail to notice the structural warning signs until after a sewage spill occurs. It is then necessary for sewage removal practices.

How Do I Clean Up Raw Sewage?

You should only attempt DIY sewage cleanup if you experience a small spill. If it is a more severe problem, you definitely want to proceed carefully with sewage cleanup as there are lurking dangers that put the cleaner at risk for a harmful and often deadly disease. You should always wear protective gear to ensure you do not come into contact with these pathogens.

The first thing you will need is a wet-vac, but it should be commercial grade to make sure you are able to get up all of the sewage from the affected area. If you have a lot of personal possessions covered in sewage, searching for sewage cleanup near me will help you find the companies that are reputable and reliable. You can also visit our website for customer referrals.

What Factors Affect Sewage Cleanup Costs?

You will likely require a sewage cleanup company like Restore Pro that offers plumbing, sewage specialist, and water damage restoration since it will mitigate the cost of having to hire multiple professionals. You will find that most water damage restoration companies follow similar pricing guidelines, so the average cost of sewage cleanup is about $7.00 per square foot.

While it is the going national average, other factors such as the extent of your sewage spill, plumbing issues, replacement of porous building materials, mold remediation, or water damage restoration can influence your final sewage cleanup billing costs. You can think of the process as step-by-step cost factors that include cleaning, remediation, reconstruction, and restoration.

Does Insurance Cover Sewage Backup?

As a home or business owner, it’s important to consider your insurance policy pros and cons before you need them. Unless you have added additional coverage protection for flooding or sewage backups, your general liability insurance policy will not reimburse you for these costs.

Is Sewage Backup An Emergency?

Depending on where the sewage backup is and the areas affected, sewage cleanup may become an emergency to mitigate damages. As an example, a clogged toilet that can wait until morning unless you do not have a back-up bathroom for usage. A drain or tub that is overflowing would be cause for emergency sewage cleanup services since the spill has already occurred in a home. Emergencies that occur after-hours will likely increase the final cost for sewage cleanup service.

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