How Do You Know If Mold Is Making You Sick?

Finding mold in your home can be a shocking experience. Not only can it present a health risk to the occupants in your home, but it can also be costly when it is toxic black mold. While some deaths are exacerbated by mold exposure, rarely are they contributed to it directly because the diseases are the cause, although the contributor to them was likely poor air quality accessibility. According to the Global Indoor Health Network (GIHN), more than 3.5 million deaths annually are contributed to poor indoor air quality, and four in ten people develop asthma from living in a home with mold. Here are the disease-causing factors as well as how to keep your family safe.

Is Your Family At Risk For Black Mold Poisoning?

Your home can become a dangerous environment when Stachybotrys chartarum, or toxic black mold, is present as it releases spores on damp household surfaces like insulation, carpeting, or drywall. When inhaled, even in low amounts, it causes compromised respiratory and immune systems that lead to chronic symptoms like coughing, headaches, eye irritation, and fatigue.

On top of chronic symptoms, it is reasonable to also experience allergies that cause nasal or lung blood loss, vomiting, and nausea. It is essential to keep in mind that most mold exposure isn’t fatal, but it is important for families to learn how black mold poisoning can distress their health. Prolonged exposure to black mold spores causes severe health conditions that can be terminal.

Facts About Black Mold Neurotoxins

  • Both humans and pets are vulnerable to black mold exposure.
  • Stachybotrys produces fungal poison spores called trichothecenes.
  • Black mold neurotoxins will lead to organ failure, brain damage, or death.
  • Black mold spores attack the brain’s neurons and affect cognitive functioning.
  • Mold affects anyone, regardless of geographic location or economic background.
  • Mold smells much like musty mildew, so it is easy to detect even when not visible.
  • Even low mold levels can cause weakened immune responses that increase illnesses.
  • Pregnant women and unborn children exposed to mold have a higher rate of ailments.
  • Early mold remediation is vital. Prolonged exposure reduces the chance of rehabilitation.

Ways To Keep Your Family Healthy

There are a few ways to practice early detection and mold prevention. Here are a few techniques.

  • Practice Mold Prevention
  • Buy An OTC Mold Testing Kit
  • Remove All Mold-Infested Household Materials
  • Use Bleach Or Other Cleaning Supplies To Clean Mold
  • Reduce The Moisture Level In Your Home With A Dehumidifier
  • Do Landscaping To Prevent Moisture Accumulation Around The Home

How Do I Hire A Mold Remediation Company Near Me?

People choose a mold remediation service for several primary reasons. First, home and business owners hire mold remediation professionals to monitor and control mold spores at normal levels. Second, hiring a mold remediation specialist is much more affordable than the healthcare costs associated with mold exposure, including death from black mold poisoning.

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