Hiring A Restoration Company That Also Provides Construction Services

Whether you suffer from a life-changing event like a fire or a flood or undergo a home restoration project like mold remediation, finding ways to cut down on costs during the process will be of significant value to a home or business owner. One of the ways that Restore Pro professionals save you time and money is by providing construction services as part of our restoration, remediation, and reconstruction services which get clients back to regular routines.

The Restoration Process

If you have ever experienced a fire, a flood, or an earthquake, you know that these events create havoc on your home and family. Some home restoration jobs require more than just a simple cleanup as often there is damage to roofs, building infrastructure, drywall, or windows which will require the services of a construction company. Restore Pro knows how time-consuming this is which is why we have our own construction specialists in-house to handle any of these tasks.

It also helps with transparency during the initial assessment process to have both restoration and reconstruction specialists on hand so that clients can ask pointed questions about the process as well as get a clear idea of what to expect during the restoration and reconstruction processes including the time necessary before a family or business owner will get back into their property.

There is also professionalism involved. Instead of having to contract with multiple companies, you know that only one will be in your home. It also saves you the time of having to outsource jobs and coordinate with several professionals. Restore Pro experts have decades of experience working together side-by-side, so you won’t feel overwhelmed during the restoration process.

Insurance companies also have a strict protocol for repairs and restoration and prefer to work with one company rather than a host of them only because it makes things more accessible during the cleaning, restoration, and reconstruction process. Insurance companies also know that overhead costs are more affordable when there is only one company involved doing many jobs.

How Restoration And Reconstruction Go Hand-In-Hand

While your family and friends will support you through this life-changing event, you also need professionals who understand that you are inconvenienced, stressed, and financially out-of-pocket. While you might not have an idea of where to start, Restore Pro has everyone on the payroll that will affordably and quickly get you back in your restored and renovated property.

A restoration and reconstruction company must be a one-stop shop. As an example, you might have clogged gutters that cause water to stand on the roof for a prolonged period. Eventually, it will find a way down which usually is through porous roofing materials or inadequate framing. When it bursts through the attic and floods the home, you will require a water restoration specialist, a roofing specialist, a mold remediation specialist (colonies grow in 24 to 48 hours), and a construction crew that has experience with roofing and home infrastructure building.

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