Have A Sewage Pump? Here Are The Most Common Issues To Expect

Do you have a sewage pump in your home or business? When it fails to function properly, you will possibly experience a sewage pump failure even with regular maintenance and repair which leaves you susceptible to hazardous parasites, bacteria, fungus, and viruses that cause serious health conditions and even death. Sewage spills also spread and disrupt your family or business activities which is why containment is critical. Here are the most common issues to expect.

Common Sewage Pump Problems

It is easy to know when you have a sewage problem as you will notice the following signs.

  • Odorous Sewage Smell
  • Sewage Spill Overflow From A Manhole
  • Pooling Sewage On The Ground Or Flooding Inside
  • Wet Ground Or Slow Flowing Water Aboveground
  • Drains Inside Your Home Or Business Backing Up
  • Slow Sewage Draining From Lateral Service Lines

Most Common Sewage Pump Issues

  • Toilet, Sink, Or Shower Back-Ups

When you experience sewage backups, there are several possible causes which you need to be aware. Check for issues like grease build-up, float breaks, or pump blockages. If everything is okay, check the sewage pump for an electric charge or impeller block.

  • Pump Not Switching On

A sewage pump refusing to turn on could be associated with a breakdown, a lack of electric current, a blockage, debris, or a malfunction causing the breaker to trip. Take a moment to check your sewage breaker to confirm it is in the correct positioning.

  • Pump Not Switching Off

If your sewage pump refuses to turn off, it may be a problem with the control float switch needing adjustment of stuck in reverse position. Typically, your first inclination of this being an issue is when you notice a significant increase in your power bills. To counteract, routinely check your sewage pump for a green light to confirm it is getting power.

  • Broken Pipes

One of the most common issues with a sewage pump is broken pipes which lead to wastewater flooding on the ground, in the home, or in your business. It is critical to have regular checks completed to ensure you get optimal usage from your sewage pump.

  • Sewage Pump Alarm Going Off

Luckily, modern sewage pumps come with an alarm to alert you to issues. The first thing you need to do is reduce your water consumption to a minimum to give yourself time to check the alarm and breakers. If you notice a red light, it means the system is receiving communication from the sewage pump that the water level is higher than normal.

Benefits Of Regular Sewage System Maintenance

These issues are preventable with regular sewage system maintenance. The benefits include:

  • Elevates Performance Levels With Regular Sewage Treatment
  • Receives Routine Sewage And Drain Cleaning
  • Minimizes The Risk For Costly Repairs
  • Extends The Life Expectancy Of The Sewage Pump

If you experience a sewage backup, it is vital that you call the experts at Restore Pro as quickly as possible to minimize the spread of sewage water. For 24/7 service, call us at 1-800-847-0114 or visit our Facebook page for information at https://www.facebook.com/RestorePro911/.