Sometimes property owners think that they can handle their water situation on their own. Unfortunately, the water extraction process can be much more complicated than people expect. Those home or business owners are often left with more serious problems because they fail to get the area completely dried out. Any moisture left behind can lead to further structural damage and issues such as mold. Fortunately, the RestorePro team has been helping local home and business owners to restore their property back to pre-flood condition after an event.

We use a variety of specialized equipment to make sure that your property is thoroughly dried. For large amounts of water, industrial pumps can remove large volumes fairly quickly. Other equipment can include fans and air movers, dehumidifiers, or vacuums. It is important to remove moisture as quickly as possible; leaving it too long leads to more problems. The water will continue to soak into porous materials and the damage can spread beyond the original affected area.

Once the bulk of the water is removed, it is time for the thorough drying process. It is critical to make sure that all traces of moisture are removed. Any that is left behind can cause mold and mildew to develop and lead to further damage. This is an especially important concern if anyone who frequents the property has asthma, allergies, or other respiratory problems.

One important consideration is the source of the water. Often, water damage is the result of water infiltration from a clean source. It may come from a leaking faucet, excess rainwater, or an underground spring. In these cases, the water itself doesn’t pose a health danger. You should avoid any exposed wiring and standing water, but clean water doesn’t carry the risks of unclean sources.

In other cases, the water damage might result from contaminated water. Overflowed or burst sewage pipes, floodwaters, and other questionable waters can be dangerous. They can carry bacteria and other pathogens that can lead to disease. It is important to avoid any contact with water that might be unclean.

If we suspect that the water may be contaminated, you can expect to see a variety of safety measures. Our crew might wear disposable clothing, shoe covers, and gloves. They may also use air filter masks or respirators, eye protection such as goggles, and other equipment. Our team will let you know if it is safe to continue using the property or if it should be completely vacated until restoration is complete. We may be able to seal off the affected area.

If you have water where it is not supposed to be, then give RestorePro a call at 781-664-9800 in MA and 603-253-2068 in NH.  Learn more by visiting our Facebook page at