Full Fire Damage Restoration Facts To Know

Houses not only have market values, but they also have sentimental values as well. For these reasons, we get a lot of inquiries asking if full fire damage restoration projects are worth it. Here are a few of the answers our experts provide to customers on the value of fully restoring a home.

How Long Does It Take to Rebuild A House After A Fire?

Time is always a critical factor, especially when you are in a hotel, staying with relatives, or renting short-term.  Rebuilding a house after a fire can take from a few days to weeks or months, varying on the extent of fire damage and the size of a home. Thankfully, insurance can cover the cost of construction and temporary housing as well as fire damage restoration of personal possessions.

What Is Full Fire Damage Restoration?

Most people assume fire damage restoration means simply restoring. It often entails massive reconstructing of structural components as well to restore a home to its former splendor.  This type of reconstruction project is extensive, but we look forward to the challenge of helping our Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire families get back into the homes they love.

A customer recently experienced widespread fire damage, which required a complete restoration because the fire caused damage to every part of the home, including damage to the plumbing, HVAC system, and electricity. Because the home required lengthy repairs, our first concern was to work with the family and provide an inspection on restoring or completely rebuilding the home.

The property had been in the family for decades, and they had purchased full-replacement cost insurance for such a reason. Ultimately, the family decided on reconstructing and restoring the areas with the most extensive damage rather than completely rebuilding or buying anew.  After working with the family and an architect, we created a restoration plan for our experts to follow.

As the report validated the home´s current state of structural safety and security, our fire damage restoration team had a clear idea of what we had to do to restore the underlying integrity. Our customer also appreciated the inspection because he wanted his family to return to a safe and sound home. It also allowed us to get to work rather than worrying about cosmetic damage first.

The extent of the fire damage was significant because of the fire´s intensity, building materials, and duration. Our construction specialists were able to repair most of the structural components, and we ultimately only had to replace one weakened structural beam and one supporting beam that affected the building´s load-bearing capacity as they safeguarded the home´s interior spaces.

After the structural damage was completed, we then repaired each room, including the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC since these are areas that often have both fire and cosmetic damage. This job required us to also repair or replace walls, flooring, windows, and insulation, but the customer later told us that after the full restoration, his family had lower energy usage thanks to our work.

Will I Need A Full Fire Damage Restoration Design Plan?

For a full fire damage restoration project, our engineer will complete an engineering design plan to identify structural components that have been compromised by the fire. It also signifies repair or replacement, including the load-bearing capacity of wood, concrete, and steel. This report is used to identify any weak spots affected by fire damage, which allows our experts to plan accordingly.

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