The northeastern United States is buried under ice and snow every winter. When it starts to warm up in the spring, all of that water has to go somewhere. Unfortunately, sometimes it causes property damage to local homes and businesses. The RestorePro Inc team wants all of our neighbors to make it through the spring thaw safe and sound.

A lot of homeowners don’t realize that their homeowners insurance policy might not be enough. Most insurance policies don’t cover flooding at all, while others may limit it to water damage due to burst pipes. Before the snow starts to melt, it’s important that you take steps to protect yourself.

In 2015, the Boston Globe interviewed Peter Judge, spokesman for the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency. He reminded area residents to make sure that they have a flood insurance policy before the melt begins. Many policies take 30 days or more to take effect so it’s important not to delay. “Your normal insurance is not going to cover you if you lose things in your home, or there’s damage to your home from flooding.” You want to make sure that your insurance will cover both the structure of your home or business as well as the contents.

As ice and snow melt, they can create a big problem. There are several steps that you can take to protect yourself. The first is to make sure you understand your insurance coverage. If you don’t have flood coverage, take care of that lack right away. Your second step is to create an information file. Gather insurance documents, financial records, and important personal papers. Store them in a waterproof container or a safe place off-site such as a safe deposit box.

Your next job is to protect your property. Unfortunately, you can’t guarantee that you won’t suffer from any damage, but there are things that you can do to help reduce your risks.
Remove as much snow and ice as possible from the walls of your home. Try to move it to an area with better drainage.

Clear any debris from storm drains, basins, gutters, and downspouts.
If you can do so safely, remove snow from your roof. A 1000 square foot roof with snow one foot deep can release 2,500 gallons of water when it melts.

Move electronics, papers, and other vulnerable items from the basement. Store them in waterproof containers, on elevated shelving, or at another location.

Moisture alarms can alert you to the presence of water before it becomes a big problem.

If you have experienced flooding before, consider installing a pit and sump pump to help remove water.
The team at RestorePro Inc wants all of our neighbors to make it through the spring thaw in great shape. It’s much better to look forward to the coming warm weather than to worry about the melting snow. If you do experience damage due to flooding call us 24 hours a day at 1-800-847-0114.