When we get a call at RestorePro for fire damage restoration, we don’t know what we will find at the scene. We hope there will be no injuries or lives lost.  It’s always good if the home or building can be restored to safe use. Our noble firefighters are on the scene to save lives and prevent the spread of fire. Saving the structure is not their primary goal. They are superb at their job so frequently the structure is salvageable with fire damage restoration. A fire may be small and still cause extensive smoke and water damage. Cleaning that up and making the building safe again is a job for RestorePro. Water damage may be extensive but we suction it out and treat the area to prevent wood rot and mold. It can take a while but drying out is an important final step in fire damage restoration.

The Hard Part of Fire Damage Restoration is the Smoke!

Smoke odors and soot will hang in the air and permeate everything in your home. It is best to not try to live in the house until we complete the restoration. Those with weak respiratory systems will be uncomfortable from breathing in the fouled air. Soot and water make a black inky substance that seems to spread with a life of its own. Therefore, we don’t recommend you try washing down walls and ceilings yourself. We have cleaning solutions and equipment at RestorePro to do a thorough job. Clothing, upholstery and carpet requires special dry cleaning techniques to get the visible soot and the invisible odor from your belongings. Our team are all professional and experienced, so the work goes quickly.

What to Expect From Our Fire Damage Restoration Team

At lunch time you are in your kitchen dropping French fries into the deep fryer and by dinner you are standing on your front lawn stunned at the devastation caused by fire. It’s all over except for the cleanup and repairs. You don’t know what to do first so we recommend that your call us at RestorePro first. We will guide you through the cleanup and restoration. As soon as the fire chief gives the go ahead, we will remove debris and secure the property. Every item saved from fire damage must still be cleaned of soot and smoke. The technicians on our team at RestorePro will see you all the way through to complete restoration.

When Fire Damage Restoration Is Not the Solution

Unfortunately, some fires are so devastating that fire damage restoration cannot save your property. We will assess the damage and give you a quote for restoration but your insurance company may consider the building a total loss. RestorePro will still assist and advise you if there are salvageable items you want. We will work with your insurance company to get you to the next step. Call us if you have a fire. The sooner we can assess the damage the sooner you can be back in your own home with a normal daily life pattern. We are here for you 24/7 365 days a week.

Call RestorePro at 781- 664-9800 for residents of Massachusetts and 603-253-2068 for those in New Hampshire.