With just a few more weeks of summer remaining, temperatures are starting to ease up and cool down at night making it the perfect excuse to call up a few friends and have a bonfire.  Think of it as a back to school celebration or as a way to get as much enjoyment from Mother Nature as you can before she slams the door on us with a cold blast of winter.

With the heat of the summer, please keep in mind that the sun and winds have dried out a lot of the surrounding plants and bushes.  So, if you plan on a bonfire, follow these tips in order to prevent a property or brush fire.

  • Rake your yard or bag your grass clippings before starting a fire.
  • Remove yard waste and dead branches around your property.
  • Follow your local laws and regulations pertaining to burning and open flames.
  • Dampen the ground around your fire pit and under it as well if you have a free-standing pit.
  • Place your fire pit on pavers or cement.
  • Keep a hose nearby.
  • Never throw trash into the fire
  • Don’t ever leave a fire unattended.
  • Make sure children and pets stay 3 feet away from the fire.
  • Fully extinguish the flames with sand and a bucket of water when the evening is over.

When you adhere to fire safety laws and follow fire safety precautions, you’ll minimize your risk of a fire.  The water-depleted vegetation can ignite with the tiniest of sparks so you may want to run a sprinkler for 20 minutes before even setting up your fire pit.

Embers stay hot for hours when extinguished.  When the fun is over, walk through the yard to clean up chairs and garbage that could easily ignite.  Run water on the pit until you are confident the heat won’t pose a risk.  Be mindful that you don’t spray the fire with a strong jet of water.  Doing so may cause embers to shower the area and ignite your belongings.

At Restore Pro, we’d rather hear about your fond memories of the gathering instead of stories of a disaster.  Know, however, that you can give us a call 24/7 if you do experience a fire.  We’re on hand to handle your home emergencies.  Fun nights around the bonfire can quickly turn into catastrophes.  Be smart and be safe, and you’ll avoid the hazardous complications of a real fire breaking out.

If your home has had a fire, give our Fire Damage Restoration team a call at 1-800-847-0114.  We’ll handle the aftermath of the fire and restore your home to the way it was before.  Learn more about our services by visiting our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/RestorePro911.