Each year, a number of homes succumb to the damage of a fire.  It can be one of the scariest moments that any homeowner goes through.  Fires can be a result of lightning storms, carelessness, faulty appliances, and many other situations beyond your control.  During the winter months, one common cause of household fires that we see is a dryer fire.  Your best option is to do what you can now in order to prevent a fire in your home later.

A fire in your dryer is complicated in that the fire can travel quickly throughout the vent within the interior walls of your home making it difficult to reach and extinguish.  Additionally, if the fire is in your machine, you need to know how to pop off the right part of the machine in order to ensure the fire has been put out in its entirety.  To prevent a fire in your clothes dryer, follow these easy tips.  A few minutes of your time can save you from the destruction of your property.

  1. Keep it clean. Sweep and vacuum out dust and lint from under and behind your dryer.  Also, make sure that you clean the lint filter after every use.
  2. Avoid high heat. Your clothes will benefit from lower temperature settings in the long run as high heat will break down the fibers more readily.  Avoid drying shoes, rugs, and other items containing rubber if at all possible.  If you must use your dryer for these items, select the lowest temperature.
  3. Check your vent often. Birds, insects, rodents, and lint can all block the air flow from your dryer.  The result will be higher energy bills and an increase in drying time.  If the problem blocks heat from escaping, it is likely a fire could occur.
  4. Clear the area. Avoid storing cleaning supplies and combustible items near your dryer.  It is also smart to avoid piling clothes on your dryer not necessarily because they will cause a fire, but because items will fall behind the dryer and can add fuel to the flame, so to speak, in the event of a fire.
  5. Hang to dry items used with flammable liquids. You may have the best washing machine on the market, but many chemicals need more than one washing.  If you are washing clothes, rags, or towels that have come into contact with flammable liquids, wash them at least twice and hang them to dry.

As with any appliance, you need to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer when servicing or installing.  Keep the exterior vent clear of debris, snow, and ice and take note of the temperature of the clothes when the drying cycle ends.  If they are too hot, you likely have a problem that needs immediate attention.  Finally, don’t run the dryer when you are sleeping or out of the home.

With minimal effort, your dryer will stay in prime condition saving you from the hassle of a fire.  However, at Restore Pro, we know there are instances that are simply out of your control.  If you do experience a fire, give us a call.  Our Fire Damage Restoration Service will help you get your laundry room back into the condition it was before the fire.

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