When most homeowners learn that they have a mold issue within their home, they are quite surprised. Mold can develop for years and years, right under your nose and without you being the wiser until you get the professionals in to take a look. What might actually be more surprising than the presence of mold in the first place, is where that mold can form within your home.

Mold in any area of the home, office or other building can be a problem, as mold causes health ailments like respiratory issues and allergies. It’s tough enough to keep fungi at bay when it’s growing in the obvious places, but hidden mold can persist and continue to cause trouble until it is identified and eliminated by the professionals at Restore Pro.

Below are 5 common but oft overlooked spaces where you should keep an eye out for mold.

1). Chimneys
All of the crevices within a chimney make for the perfect place for mold to hide. As a chimney falls victim to disrepair through neglect or ordinary exposure to the elements, it can allow the passage of rain and snow-and as we know, moisture equals mold. A visit from a chimney sweep once a year can prevent this issue, while identifying any damage in the chimney that could pose a problem down the line.

2). Refrigerators
Particularly in regard to the drip tray at the bottom of your fridge, these spaces are a hotbed of activity that can encourage the growth of mold. Spills are a common occurrence, and while you might wipe them up as they happen, remnants of moisture can get into the drip tray. When that moisture stays there, the situation can quickly become a moldy one. Make sure to clean the drip tray at least once a year with hydrogen peroxide and water, and clean the floor beneath it as well. This will prevent the growth of mold in the enclosed space wherein your family keeps its food.

3). Window Seals
Moisture from the outside can often get trapped within window seals, gaskets and locks. The combination of dirt and water create an ideal atmosphere for mold to grow in, even though you might not see it at first. If you clean your windows as a part of your routine housework ritual and make sure that they are in proper repair, you can avoid this issue before it ever starts.

4). Children’s Items
There has been quite a lot of alarm among parents whose children have been exposed to mold found within, on or around their toys and other items. Teething toys, which are usually washed with a fair amount of regularity, are a common but often overlooked spot where mold can grow and make your family member sick. Bottle sterilizers and dryers are also vulnerable to the growth of mold, as damp items go into the device in order to be dried or sterilized. Clean children’s toys and pacifiers without submerging them in water, ensure a proper drying space for cleansed items, and use a white vinegar and water solution to clean appliances that are dedicated to your child’s items.

5). Other Household Appliances
Any appliance where you use water-like the dishwasher and washing machine-can harbor mold in its many crevices that you might not be able to see with the naked eye. Most manufacturers of these appliances recommend a once-monthly cleaning, or at least whenever the appliance begins to smell a little “off” or musty.

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