Cleaning Fire Damaged Wood

If you have had a fire in your home, you know how terrible it can be. Even if the fire was quickly contained, there could still be a lot of work to do to return your house to its original condition. There may be repairs to be made, smoke damage, and the lingering smell of smoke. All of this can be challenging to deal with.

One of the more difficult parts of cleaning up after a fire is cleaning any wood, especially wood that has not been sealed. This type of wood may be porous and tends to retain the odor of smoke even after being wiped off. This means that surfaces, such as wood furniture, window frames, wood paneling, and wood trim, may require cleaning. It will probably be easier if the wood has been finished, whether by staining, painting, or just being sealed. Otherwise, it may be difficult.

How To Clean Soot From Finished Wood

If you have finished wood that you need to remove soot from, you might simply be able to clean it. You can start by wiping off the wood with a dry cloth or some paper towels. Then, you should clean the wood with warm water and some cleaner intended to remove grease. Continue cleaning the surface until all the soot is removed. This could take some time.

If the wood is singed, it may require a bit more work. You may need to sand the wood and refinish it. This may also require finding the same stain or paint you used originally.

How To Clean Soot from Unfinished Wood

If you need to clean soot from unfinished wood, it will likely be much more difficult. This is because the soot becomes embedded in unfinished wood soon after a fire starts. Here is what you need to do.

Use a Vacuum

The first thing you should do is to use a deodorizing spray specially designed to remove the odor of smoke from wood surfaces. After using the spray, take a vacuum hose and remove any soot. If you use a HEPA vacuum, it will do a better job of removing the soot.

Use a Sponge

The next step is to clean the affected surface with a chemical sponge. Use both sides of the sponge as necessary.

Remove Damaged Wood

If any of the wood is blackened, you may need to carefully cut off the blackened part to expose the undamaged wood.

Clean the Wood

After removing the burnt wood, it’s time to clean it. Use some degreaser diluted with water, and be sure to wipe the entire area.

Sand the Wood

If you still have stains or the wood is uneven, you can use some fine grit sandpaper to finish the job. Then, be sure to seal the wood.

Final Thoughts

If you have a fire in your home that covers more than a very small area, it is important to hire a fire remediation company. Dealing with soot can be difficult and even dangerous. So, be sure to consult a professional if the issue is severe or if you are not confident in your ability to safely and thoroughly remove it.

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