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It’s common knowledge that when electronics take a swim, bad things happen, but many people don’t know whether or not a bath really means the end for their devices. The fact is that water and electronics generally should not go together; however, for those questioning “can wet electronics be repaired?” the answer, unfortunately, is maybe. Let’s take a closer look at what happens when floodwater soaks your electronics and what this means for their future.

How Does Water Cause Damage to Electronics?

Actually, water itself does not cause damage to electronic devices. Pure water is actually an excellent insulator that manufacturers often use to wash their devices. However, water with this level of purity does not occur naturally, and the water that comes out of your faucets, ocean water, and floodwaters are far from it.

Most water contains a variety of minerals and contaminants, which cause the water to become conductive, leading to short circuits which can destroy circuit boards and other electronics. This is always the case with floodwaters which will pick up additional contaminants from your homes as the water rises. Even after the water evaporates away, these contaminants often remain, causing additional damage and corrosion.

What Do You Do When Electronics Become Wet?

The first thing to remember is to never turn a wet device on. If the water has reached any electrical outlets, never enter the water until the power to your home is shut off. Next, disconnect any power source if safely possible and leave it disconnected until the device is thoroughly dried and clean.

Remember that if a device is powered when it enters the water, do not reach in after it. First, shut off the power, if possible, by shutting off a circuit breaker or power switch, and remember that battery-powered devices can present their own dangers. If the device appears to be releasing heat, bulging, or melting, do not handle it.

However, if and when they are removed from the water, electronics will need to be cared for properly to give them any chance of recovery. There are two options from here on out, trying to repair the device on your own or entrusting it to a professional water restoration company.

DIY Repairs

Suppose the damage was a relatively minor water damage event. You may choose to try and repair the damage on your own. The first step is to ensure the device is unpowered and try to remove as much of the water as you can. A microfiber cloth and Q-tips can be used to clean out and dry as much of the device as possible.

After this, you can place the device inside a sealed container with a desiccant to help the device dry out. Desiccant packets can often be acquired at a local hardware store, and when this is not an option, silica-based kitty litter can be used.

Professional Water Damage Restoration

If you hire a professional water damage company, they will have the equipment necessary to handle all of the wet items in your office and home and likely be able to save many items that would otherwise have been lost. Most water restoration companies will have a variety of drying chambers, ultrasonic cleaners, and probably specialized cleaning products and deionized water as well. However, the most important reason to hire a professional water restoration company is that they have the training and experience necessary to give your electronics the best possible chance of a second life.

Final Thoughts

It is always a bad thing when your unprotected electronics take a dive. The chance for short circuits and significant damage is high, but now you know how to reduce the chances of harm and give your electronic devices the best possible chance of surviving their swim.

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