One of the most unpleasant situations that a home or business owner can face is water damage that results from unclean water. When sewage lines or drains back up in your home, you have several different concerns to keep in mind. In addition to the worries about water damage, the smell can be overwhelming and you need to be aware of the possibility that dangerous pathogens may be present. When you have a problem with your drains or sewage lines, call on the professionals at RestorePro to handle it for you. With over two decades of experience, we have the skills and expertise to get your property restored to pre-event condition in no time.

What makes a sewage line back up? There can be several different causes. One of the most common is a blockage. If someone in your home or business disposes of material through the toilet or sink that shouldn’t be put there, it can lead to a blockage and overflowing. In this case, it is often a fairly simple fix to get the plumbing back in working order. In some cases, it might be difficult to extract the offending object.

Another common cause is a tree root or other problem disrupting the line farther away from the structure. In this type of situation it might be necessary for a plumber to scope out the lines to find the precise location of the problem.

You might also experience a drain or sewage problem after heavy rains. Storm debris can block drainage paths and public sewer lines might become backed up. This is one of the most disturbing situations for a property owner, because not only is your property affected by unclean water, but it is from a public source. It is critical that this type of situation be handled promptly and safely to prevent the spread of disease.

Any time that there is a water situation, you need to be proactive in getting it taken care of. Any type of water damage can lead to extensive structural problems, damaged or ruined possessions, and other issues. If not thoroughly dried and cleaned, it can lead to mold or mildew.

When the water source is questionable, however, it is critical to call in an experienced professional team. You don’t want your property to be filled with dangerous bacteria and other pathogens. They can lead to serious infection and disease. Those who are young or old, have compromised immune systems, or have a history of allergies and asthma are even more at risk. Let our experienced, well trained team handle your unclean water situation and protect you and your property.

Since 1997 RestorePro has been helping out local home and business owners when they experience water damage, whether the source is clean or unclean. When there is concern about the safety of the water source, we are right by your side to make sure your family and friends are protected. Give us a call at 781-664-9800 and let us take care of you.  Learn more about our Sewage Cleanup Service on our Facebook page at