7 Tips For Choosing A Trustworthy Fire Or Water Damage Restoration Company

Experiencing a fire or flood is life-changing. Not only is the immediate danger frightening, but the after-effects of it leads to feelings of loss as you find out that personal possessions may be destroyed. That’s where choosing the right restoration company comes in. It requires skilled specialists to professionally restore a home, business, and personal possessions like new. Here’s how to tell which company to trust to complete your fire or water damage restoration service.

  1. 24-Hour And 7-Day-A-Week Availability

Most fires and floods take place when people least expect them. From leaving the home with a pot on the stove to a pipe breaking when you are sleeping, emergencies happen. You want to choose a fire or water damage restoration company in your area that offers twenty-four-hour restoration services and responds immediately when you need us.

We tend to be the third call a person makes (911, insurance carrier, Restore Pro) after a fire or flood. We can’t put out a fire, but we know how to work with your insurance company to get approval for emergency services. You can count on Restore Pro to respond immediately and secure buildings so that clean-up and restoration can begin.

  1. Restoration Company Is Licensed And Insured

Unless you get a customer referral, you will likely find out about Restore Pro by googling “fire restoration service” or “water restoration company near me.” While you likely will receive several options for fire or water restoration services, you will want to do your homework to ensure your choice is experienced, licensed, certified, and insured.  Not only is Restore Pro certified and licensed, but training keeps us informed and proficient.

  1. Offers Written Inspection Reports

Our priority at Restore Pro is to help our customers get their lives back to normal. We start with a thorough inspection and provide a written report that details the damage, our restoration recovery plan, and the costs associated with it. We will never add hidden costs like some other restoration companies. Be wary of any company that refuses to document anything in writing as there is a high likelihood they lack precision and trustworthiness.

  1. Understands The Ins-And-Outs Of Insurance Companies

You should avoid companies that lack experience dealing directly with insurance companies because there is a lot of documentation and special processing involved when insurance companies are paying the bill. An inexperienced restoration company would not know how to document the damage or make timely insurance claims as we do.

  1. Has Top-Grade Restoration Equipment

Using a company that performs multiple services will speed up recovery time. After a fire or flood, you will need a commercial-grade restoration system, which requires a company that has top-grade restoration equipment to remove water or soot. It’s also important to check for mold growth when water or moisture is present. Restore Pro can provide both fire and water restoration as well as perform mold remediation services when needed.

  1. Shows Respect For Customers And Possessions

Allowing workers into a home can be frightening to some. Having people go through your personal belongings can also feel scary.  As a locally-owned and operated restoration company, we know how vulnerable a fire or flood makes property owners feel. We strive to treat every customer with respect, compassion, and professionalism.

  1. Has A Reputation For Performing Quality Work

Reputation is everything when it comes to restoration services. It is important to have a team of professionals working with you that has the recognized industry experience and skillsets to help you or your business get past a life-changing fire or flood experience.

What Do Customers Say About Restore Pro?

RestorePro, Inc. was phenomenal!
They were prompt, showed up on time, were extremely professional and courteous, and I am so glad to have found them to help me with my basement flooding project. I had a question at around 9:30 one night for Brian, and he was happy to answer the phone and walk me through some help. I would recommend them to anybody!
Diane M.

You Can Check Our Rating On Angie’s List, Too!

Restore Pro dried everything out after a flood in our apartment. They also did mold testing. We have hardwood floors. Our insurance company paid for it and Restore Pro dealt with them for us. I highly recommend them, I actually have recommended them to a couple of mom’s groups I am in. They were punctual, did the work and did a good job.
Angies List Member

Whether you have a fire or need water damage restoration, give us call us a call at 1-800-847-0114 or send us a message on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/RestorePro911/.