Nothing is better on a cold, winter’s night than a crackling, cozy fire.  However, if you don’t take care and proper steps to clean your chimney occasionally, your comfortable evening can quickly turn into a destructive disaster.  Chimney fires are extremely dangerous but can be prevented with simple maintenance.  In fact, many homeowners may have had a chimney fire and have not realized it.  The problem with this is that unseen damage has occurred and can quickly turn into a larger problem.

Fireplaces accumulate creosote on their walls.  Creosote is a black, sticky residue that is highly combustible.  It forms on walls when you burn wood and builds up over time.  If you use your wood-burning fireplace often, you’ll want to have your chimney cleaned yearly in order to safely remove this harmful residue.

Chimney fires can be fast burning and obvious, or slow burning and unnoticeable for a time until the rest of your home is engulfed in flames.  To see if your chimney has had a fire, here are some signs to keep in mind.  You’ve likely already had a chimney fire…

  • If you see creosote that is puffy in nature and streaked with rainbow-like colors.
  • If flue tiles are missing, collapsed, or cracked.
  • If the rain cap on top of your chimney is warped or discolored.
  • If your damper is warped or damaged.
  • If shingles, bricks, or siding are discolored, damaged, or missing.
  • If creosote is on the roof or flaked on the ground around the chimney.

A great fire is one in which you can cuddle up to with a mug of hot chocolate or apple cider.  You don’t want your perfect evening ruined by a dangerous fire due to an already damaged chimney.  Take the time to inspect your fireplace and have your chimney cleaned.

The problem with any fire, besides the initial destruction, is the aftermath of the fire.  The water used to extinguish the flames can cause its own type of damage if not cleaned up quickly.  At Restore Pro, we have the tools, knowledge, and experience to make sure your Water Damage Restoration project runs smoothly.  We specialize in home restoration due to unforeseen events.  We can clean up the damage left by the fire as well as the water damage.  The results will have your home back to its original state so you can once again feel safe and secure.

Prevention is the key to having a safe, enjoyable fire.  Ensure your chimney is a safe place to house a fire and you’ll be able to enjoy a warm, comfortable evening with your family.  If you do need Water Damage Restoration services, give us a call at 1-800-847-0114 or check out our Facebook page at to learn more.