Your insurance policy probably covers basic claims associated with water damage.  It might be worth a quick review to better understand what is covered and what is not.  For the most part, normal coverage for water damage refers to problems within your home.  Floods, exterior water seepage, and ground water issues are not usually covered without additional plans.

Most homeowners who have experienced water damage at some point will tell you about the hassle and inconvenience of the ordeal.  The costs of repair can add up as well.  The best way to avoid the issue altogether, is to work to prevent water problems to begin with.   There are 5 easy things you can do that will avert damage from occurring:

  1. Keep an eye on your water bill and meter.
    If you see a sudden spike in your water bill or if your water meter counter is moving yet you aren’t running any water, you probably have a leak.  With prompt attention, you’ll catch any leak early before it has time to cause significant damage.
  2. Keep your drains clear of grease and fibrous foods.
    Grease clogs up your pipes quickly.  Use care when draining cooking grease and oil.  For best results, soak up grease with a paper towel and throw it away in the trash.  Potato peels, celery, and banana peels don’t break down well in any disposal.  Save yourself the hassle of a clog by throwing these items in the garbage.
  3. Clean your gutters and downspouts
    Make it a habit to clean out your gutters a few times each year.  Remove leaves, dirt and debris that can block water from draining correctly.  Ensure the water is draining away from your foundation.
  4. Plant smart
    Talk to your local nursery when shopping for trees and shrubs.  Let them know where you want to plant and share the layout of your yard with them.  You want to avoid plants with invasive root systems that could damage sewer and water lines, sprinkler systems, and exterior walls.
  5. Invest in a drain snake
    Chemicals that unclog drains may seem extremely convenient.  However, over time the harsh chemicals that break down clogs can also break down your pipes.  It is best to use a drain snake first to break up the clog.  You’ll prevent damage to your pipes as well as the hassle of a burst pipe or a leak down the road.

If you follow these tips you’ll help keep your home free of water damage and leaks for a long time.  At Restore Pro, our years of experience have helped us guide homeowners in preventative measures to prolong the life of their home.  We know that attention to detail and careful disposal of food are some easy ways to keep leaks from occurring.  We also know that sometimes accidents happen.  If you experience water in your home give our team a call.  Our Water Damage Restoration team will respond to your emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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