5 Most Common Reasons For Water Damage In Homes And Businesses

You should expect damage to occur in your home or business any time water pools or severely floods the interior. With some damage, structural vulnerabilities will also occur. There are many natural, environmental, and man-made contributors for water damage, but learning about what factors need to take place also allows you to spot potential hazards that will help you minimize your structural damage. Here are the five most common reasons that flooding tends to occur.

  1. Natural Disasters

In the first half of 2018, there were six natural disasters that sustained damages of over one billion. Four were storms and two were winter-related events. Just to put this into perspective, NOAA found that the average storms per year between 1980 and 2017 were six, but the average between 2013 and 2017 was 11.6 which shows a significant uptick in flooding and financial losses. While it is impossible to predict the weather, quick water extraction after a hurricane, flash flood, or storm will minimize your damage.

  1. Leaky Or Busted Pipes

A common problem that often happens unexpectedly is leaky or busted pipes. You may begin to experience clogs or pressure. When this occurs, pipes will rupture which can mean the difference between a small leak or a major repair need. Here are three issues:

  • Improperly working garbage disposals build up waste and will eventually clog.
  • Roots seek moisture by finding cracks in the plumbing line which will bust.
  • Older homes used lead pipes which were prone to rust and deterioration in time.
  1. Plumbing System Failures

Your plumbing infrastructure is made of a series of pipes and fittings that connect your appliances, sinks, and toilets to one main waste removal system. While it will be impossible to detect plumbing issues deeper in the system, you can perform periodic cleaning and maintenance routines to ensure that your system works as it should.

  1. Faulty Household Appliances

If you have appliances like a water heater, washer, or a dishwasher, it is very common to experience rusted pipes, aged hoses, or loose fittings that will contribute to flooding. Human error is also likely because of a lack of experience with proper usage and settings. We highly recommend you watch for wear-and-tear on aging appliances.

  1. Accumulation In Areas Like Basements Or Crawl Spaces

There are certain areas in your home that you will notice repeated water accumulation. While you will be able to monitor it in places like the basement, it will be impossible to find water in hard-to-reach places like the crawl space which the piping and wiring is also found. A flood will likely cause pricey structural, electrical, and plumbing problems. There is also a higher probability of mold and mildew which is unhealthy.

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