5 Common Causes of Commercial Fires

Fires are one of the most destructive disasters that can happen to a commercial building. They are not only dangerous to the people in the building but can cause considerable property damage as well. In addition to this, the fire damage could hurt people’s livelihoods as businesses may be shut down until repairs or rebuilding can occur. Because fires are so dangerous and destructive, it is important to know the common causes of commercial fires and what can be done to help prevent them. So, we will discuss some of these causes and how to prevent them in this article.


Cooking accidents are one of the most common causes of commercial fires. This is not surprising considering all the safety hazards that can occur in kitchens. Because commercial kitchens are often very busy, it is even easier for an accident to occur, which can cause a fire. These fires are most common in restaurants. However, they can occur in any business that has a kitchen or any type of cooking area.

Due to the risks involved in cooking in a commercial building, it is important for anyone using a business’s kitchen area to be aware of these dangers. Employees should also be aware of proper safety precautions when using the kitchen. Additionally, any business with a cooking area should have a fire extinguisher in the area and ensure that employees know how to use it.

Electrical Issues

There is always some risk of fire with electricity. It can be caused by damaged fuses, overloaded circuits, or even old wiring. People can cause electrical fires as well by trying to work on circuits or electrical outlets when they are not qualified to do so.

However, these risks can generally be avoided. One way to reduce the risk of fire in your commercial building is by teaching employees not to overload electrical circuits and not to use any electrical equipment that is not working properly. Another important way to reduce the risk of fire is to have your building’s electrical and lighting systems properly maintained. It is a good idea to have these systems inspected regularly by a professional.

Heating Equipment

Most commercial buildings have some sort of heating equipment, and this equipment will have some risk of overheating. If your heating system does overheat, it could result in a fire. However, this is not the only risk of fire with a heating system. Improper installation or maintenance could lead to a fire. Additionally, if employees place combustible materials near the heating system, it could easily lead to a fire. However, this type of fire can generally be avoided by properly installing and maintaining your heating system and never placing combustible materials near it.


Smoking can easily cause a fire on your business premises. Many businesses no longer allow smoking inside their commercial building. However, for those businesses that do allow smoking, it is important to make sure that employees or visitors properly extinguish and dispose of any smoking materials. This will ensure that these materials do not cause a fire on your property.


Some fires in commercial buildings are set intentionally. This is called arson and can be particularly dangerous and destructive. These fires generally occur outside of work hours. Common locations for these fires to begin are garages, dumpsters, or bathrooms.

Final Thoughts

Fires can severely damage your commercial property as well as present danger to your workers and visitors. Therefore, it is essential to make sure your employees understand the common causes of fire in a commercial building and how they can help reduce the risk of a fire.

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