5 Causes of Water in the Basement

Sadly, finding water in your home’s basement is a frequent occurrence. Between water seeping in through walls and floor to leaks from your home’s pipes, basements are vulnerable to flooding from every direction. So, let’s look at some of the most common sources of water in the basement.

A Leaky Roof

If you see a puddle in your basement after a storm and fail to see an obvious cause, consider looking in your attic the next time there is a storm. Then, look for any wet areas or leaks. The water from these leaks could run down the roof trusses and the framing all the way to the basement. As this water travels to the basement, it can cause water damage to the wood. So, it’s essential to stop these leaks, and it may be as simple as fixing some loose shingles or repairing some missing shingles.

Plumbing Problems in Your Home

If you’re looking for signs of leaky pipes, you’ll want to do more than check out your walls and ceilings. This may be where people think to look, but the water may be draining down to the lowest level in your house, which is often the basement. The best place to look at first for signs of leaks is the bathroom and kitchen. Look underneath your sinks and at the floor surrounding the tub, shower, and toilet. The leak could also be coming from your washing machine or water heater, so check these out as well.

Cracks in Your Home’s Exterior Walls

Another problem that can easily lead to water in your basement is cracks in the exterior walls of your house. These cracks can direct water from the outside of your house down to your basement. It’s essential to have these cracks repaired even if they are small because they can easily become larger and allow more water to enter your home. If your basement is damp all of the time, even in dry weather, you may have cracks that are increasing the humidity in your home. This increased humidity could easily cause a serious mold problem in your home. So, it’s vital to get any cracks in your home’s exterior repaired. Also, if you already have a mold problem, you should contact a mold remediation company.

Damaged Seals in Your Home

Another possible cause of water in your basement is damage to the caulking or seals around your doors and windows. These seals help keep moisture and outside air from entering your home. But, eventually, the seals and caulking will dry out, crack, and even wear away. This could allow moisture into your house, and gravity tends to draw moisture to the basement. This could easily be the cause of any puddles in the basement when you’re unsure of the cause. To prevent this, it’s a good idea to keep the seals on your windows and doors well maintained.

Changes in the Water Table

The water table frequently changes as a result of rain and melted snow. These changes can easily cause the water level to go right into your basement. Unfortunately, you can’t really stop this.  You could have French drains put in around your home. Another possibility, if having French drains installed is too costly, is to have a sump pump in the basement and keep your items off of the floor.

Final Thoughts

There are a number of different ways water can find its way into your basement, from damage to your home to natural occurrences. However, the key to preventing it from happening in the future is to figure out what is causing it. So, try to see if any of these options may explain what is causing the water in your basement.

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